Optimum AdVantage

Optimum AdVantage is committed to building a higher level foundation for your sales and marketing teams to improve ROI.

This is because alot of marketing plans aren’t as strategic or intentional as they could be. We have found that in some cases, the offer isn’t validated amongst a certain audience to start with. Other times, the marketing plan doesn’t have a strategy for future changes or consideration of it. 

The problem that businesses are facing is that they are outsourcing marketing agencies using outdated practices.

There are many marketing agencies using out of date tactics, whether it’s for cold emailing, PPC, messaging, guerrilla marketing. Certain marketing regulations have changed, and as a result businesses are getting a fraction of actual outreach and breadcrumbs to sustain their business.

They aren’t finding the right matches, they aren’t qualifying leads, or nurturing them. As a result, the businesses are burning out of leads fast and struggling to stay in business. 

How do we work?

First, we conduct market research to see the buyer intent and demand. Then we consult to define your sales and marketing goals, snippet libraries, and rebuttal libraries to quickly access information to share with your prospects.

Then we identify the distribution channels to reach them and test it for validation. We track the performance of the test campaign. After that, we discuss methods of reaching more qualified people.

In the meantime, we store all the information in a management system to hold those assets, the performance, and content from campaigns. 

Once the strategy is carried out, we work on lead nurturing systems and ways to upsell your current clients.

By building consistent digital assets for your brand, in-market research for your buyer personas and buyer intent levels, management tools to hold those business assets, and automation to smoothen processes.

In addition, Optimum AdVantage offers photography and printing services. Whether it’s for commercial purposes or personal milestones, we have you covered.

Policies behind our work. Includes our cancelation policy, late policy, refund policy, and privacy policy.
Optimum AdVantage is a marketing consultant and commercial photographer that helps businesses improve their ROI by developing marketing plans that avoid outdated practices.