Marketing Agencies: The Elephant in the Room

Time to address the elephant in the room…marketing agencies.

Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon for people to experience a rift with them.

Through experience, observation, and discussions, I have come to an understanding why business owners have a hard time trusting agencies who guarantee “results”.

The clients I’ve worked with have told me that other marketing agencies have done…

  • Charged a disproportionate amount for the ad spend they set up
  • Getting only a handful of interested leads that wouldn’t close.
  • Had a lack of communication, where they don’t explain what they’re doing or how they’re planning to carry it out.
  • Ghosting their own clients, meanwhile business owners are learning skills on their own time, because the agencies aren’t producing results.
  • The “Do It for You” full service marketing agencies brought them in a deeper hole to recover.

….but to what extent does that bring results? People want a solution to their problem, not a full service stack that isn’t guaranteed.

We must think more and listen. We need to provide solutions that will meet their goals. Be innovative!

Marketing Consultation

If you need help with your marketing plan, we offer consultations.

If you have a marketing strategy already set, we take a closer look at the performance and optimize it to get you more clients.

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Marketing Agencies: Be innovative