Our services include marketing and photography.

Optimum AdVantage mission is to look internally at marketing strategies, smoothen processes, and bring in more returning clients. We also offer commercial photography for corporate companies, venture capitalists, news editors, and other small businesses.

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Our Services

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Automated Outreach

Our Automated Outreach service makes an easier workflow, taking out the manual outreach and follow ups. We write campaigns and target your audience.

Marketing Consultation

Our marketing consultation is designed to help business owners learn what is best for their needs and how to make a reliable process.

Website Development

Our Website Development helps you set up a website. We assist you with domain registration, content creation, and website design.

Paid Ads

Paid Ads service brings leads into your sales funnel to increase qualified leads, appointments, and clients.


Our SEO/SEM service is meant to improve your search ranking and optimize your website. Starting with a SEO audit, we will help you.

Wedding/Engagement Photography

This service is for weddings, surprise proposals, and engagements.

Commercial Advertising

Our commercial photography is meant for share your product or service for promotional purposes. For services, we take in-action photos.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait to bring the family together or to update your hallway photos. Look to see if we are near you.

Lifestyle and Event Photography

Our events and lifestyle photography is meant for special occasions, such as birthday parties, quinceañeras, and cake smashes.

Optimum AdVantage Values in B2B Marketing

Brand Exposure

Working to increase the awareness and recognition of your brand.

Client Acquisition

Using strategies to manage customer relationships. Bringing an offer to prospective and returning clients that fits their needs.

User Experience

The overall experience of your client. 

Policies behind our work. Includes our cancelation policy, late policy, refund policy, and privacy policy.
Optimum AdVantage is a marketing consultant and commercial photographer that helps businesses improve their ROI by developing marketing plans that avoid outdated practices.