Social media myth busted: You don’t have to post 3-4 times a week to be discovered

Social media is no longer about regular posting and advertising

Before there were any business features, people joined to connect with others they knew and engage with each other on social media. Then groups were made for people to discuss within the same interests and share their thoughts about an issue. Now businesses advertise their products or services based on their target audiene’s interests. 

Despite all the ads, there’s one thing that keeps it lively. It’s engaging with each other. According to Hootsuite, 52% of new brand discovery is happening on social platforms.

How to get your brand recognized on social media

When you comment on your newsfeeds, your visibility increases. Since people are curious, there will be people who will look at your business pages and try to see what you offer.

You can also directly communicate with people and see if they’re interested in your offer. This is a good way to figure out who is the right fit for your product or service. Direct communication is a better way to drive a conversation and figure out what people need or want.

Your brand will be recognized the more conversations you have.

The more value you give, the more trustworthy you become. As you respond, the stronger you nurture.

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